Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Road are we on?

Here is the first page of Chapter 4: What Road are we on?

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What Road are we on?

Countless books have been written outlining alternative approaches to educating our children.  Since its inception, public education has raised as many problems and issues as it has ‘solved’.  This country is in many ways engrossed in its own evolution.  We are still a relatively new people, slowly developing useful branches while shedding or adapting others.  Government schools are one of those limbs that have been allowed to grow, relatively un-pruned. Certainly there have been numerous and various attempts to re-shape and control the inevitable growth.  The tools used, although innovative, have only provided a temporary solution.  The branch, now unrecognizable from its original form, is an abstract piece without a cohesive plan.                                                  

The job of shaping this branch called education belongs to the people, all of us.  It is not the purpose of government or school administrations to decide its form, but to create it, following the blueprint outlined by the population. We are the definers of our government and it is time we define our schools.  The route for our tax funded school bus was determined before the automobile was invented, certainly before flight was entertained as an option, (either within or beyond our atmosphere.)  Today there are commercial companies vying for the position of ‘first civilian space flights!’  The pioneer spirit that founded this country is evident in numerous areas.  It is time we venture into the unexplored arena of mandatory schooling.

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